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Bento is developed and maintained by an internal team at buildo.

In this document we outline how to interact effectively with the team, covering common scenarios.


Bento is used by design and development teams both at buildo and outside of buildo.

These guidelines apply to both: regardless of whether you work at buildo or not, this is the recommended way of interacting with the Bento project and team.

๐Ÿ› Bug reportsโ€‹

Bugs with the React library or the Figma toolkit must be reported by opening an issue on the GitHub repository (be sure to use the appropriate bug report template).

๐Ÿ’ก Feature requestsโ€‹

Feature requests can be proposed using GitHub discussions. If you have an idea on how Bento could improve, create a new discussion here using the Ideas category.

Feature requests may be about design, development or both, and can include:

  • suggesting new components
  • adding features to existing components
  • improving the developer experience of using the React library
  • improving the design experience of using the Figma toolkit

When feature requests are accepted, they are moved to the issue tracker and get implemented by the team.

๐Ÿ™ Support requestsโ€‹

If you have a doubt on how to use Bento to create a design (whether you are a developer implementing a design, or a designer using the Figma toolkit), please use the Q&A category on GitHub discussions.

๐Ÿค External contributionsโ€‹

By default, issues are worked on by the internal team at buildo.

If you are interested in contributing a pull request, we recommend discussing your intention to do so in an issue, so that we can advise on how to proceed, and maximize the chances that your pull request gets merged.